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The Government of David

Kindle -- and Paper (from Amazon)

[freely sharing The Government of David]

The book is ultra-fictional philosophy, UFP.  I've been asked, "Is that more like fiction, or philosophy?"  But why should it be one or the other?  It's like philosophy -- except that it doesn't claim to be true.  Or pretend.  How could I know the truth of life, the universe, and everything?  Although I propose that God has "omega characteristics" -- s/he is beyond time, space, law, logic, and causality.  That's really the only way God could work.  As far as our universe?  We are "x world" -- we are the nth world in a series of x worlds (universes).  Brain salad, word garbage..?  Stream of consciousness, schizophrenia...?  Maybe towards the creation of a new world..

(first three films stream if browser..! Or save 'em. The others Youtube.)

Feature_2 (Complex art -- good parts) 761 MB

Clinica Schiz (A radical Schizophrenia and Carnegie Museum's art) 983 MB

Killing All Death -- film faces (poem of Kevin Carney and myself)

will stream, download, or found on Youtube here

clinica schiz - on youtube

Downtown-- 3 bands

David Play humor, mood, affect


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MLK Jr's I Have a Dream speech is on film, free


my Agent Chlorophyl blog -- achlorophyl.blogspot.com -- uncut

John Landon's anti-Darwinism (also anti-theology..!)

251 frank jazz -- a higher site (a redo of: thisfeel.com)

youtube christopher hitchens learns about waterboarding

theory (music theory for improvisers)

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ascension song -- bee in a tree -

- android david -- glancing collision -

- thinking and drinking


DeLillo of Great Jones Street might say these are "the mountain tapes":

110626_003.mp3 110626_004.mp3 110701_001.mp3 110701_002.mp3


time travel master vocals by kevin carney then_go_crazy.mp3


(solo singing and guitar) scat attack


essays in political philosophy --

Marx versus Nozick

hetero politica

essays in pure philosophy LSD and Knowledge [more about knowledge than LSD..!]

Today is Only Day




Happy New Year..!

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David Therapy: DT in Twenty Dimensions

Mode Thinking Schema --a model