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Killing All Death -- filmed poem by Kevin Carney and David Baird

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Feature_2 (Complex artistic film for you -- some good parts) 761 MB

Clinica Schiz (A radical interpretation of Schizophrenia and the Carnegie Museum's fine art) 983 MB



Downtown-- film about three Pittsburgh bands

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The Government of David my new Kindle book

"You must think you're pretty smart. Isn't your Dad a doctor?" Who has developed the largest collection of verbal tic's, useful for transcending writer's block? Self-propaganda? Ultra-fictional philosophy? Whatever it is, The Government of David is sure to entertain as well as to intrigue. Follow David Christian Baird, code-named "David", through a philosophical and imaginative journey of altered dimensions. Nothing is normal anymore. Rather, we have reached "the new normal"... Secret Agents? Spirits? God? Perhaps the ultimate knowledge here is simply that we ~don't know what's actually happening. No one who reads this book will be unfamiliar with the mind of a schizophrenic again.



if you are interested in:

"Composite Informational Apparatus", the CIA, intelligence services and high military
"Control" -- FBI, cops, Law
Compulsive -- social, romantic
Aggregate -- Rational political
Bio - medical
Techne - technology, industry
capito- business

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John Landon's anti-Darwinism

Superficial Life: Thinking of Schizophrenia (a 40 page effort)


251frankjazz -- the "higher" sight (a replica of my original philosophy / music site thisfeel dot com)


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Mode Thinking Schema --a model for psychosis

Geoff and Payal's Wedding beautiful recording

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interesting musics -> chances to play ascension song then go crazy



This is uncut film from my visit to a MISA CRR -- Mental-illness substance-abuse Community Rehab Residence, in 2007-2008 (These films will stream, or you can save them to watch...)-->

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DeLillo of Great Jones Street would say "the mountain tapes":

















Atoms. Realities. Coherences. Anything that can be noticed is a reality.
Each moment is atomic -- indivisible, one, real. Made of indivisibles, ones, reals.
Exquisite attention to the flow of phenomenal realities, the shapes of the self, is what we want.
Not that there is nothing that is bad -- but that there is nothing that will not become as you.
As a child, you pay for life. As a grown-up, you finally get what you have paid for.
I would seriously recommend writing and philosophy to anyone with a mind capable of understanding them.
What is the symbolic, the abstract, the conceptual -- if not the most powerful way of exploring the world and achieving your life potential?
Didn't you want to know, to understand?
Stephen Hawking says from his deathbed "Philosophy is dead."
That's his conclusion. Maybe, though, life needs to assume a multitude of shapes, in order to understand what life can be.
Maybe perfect stasis, perfect "physics", is not possible, when you have fallen into an abyss.
Ronald Judy asked, "What do you do, when you fall into an abyss?"
His answer? "Learn to fly..."
Slowly, ever so slowly, we learn about life.
Some people, philosophers, have been thinking about this for many hundreds of years.
Some of my favorites are the so-called "black" philosophers -- Nietzsche and Adorno.
"Black", I take Habermas to have meant, meaning "as dark as the night"...
The journey has begun. Where do you want to go?
Coltrane titled an album, "Interstellar Space"...
This is not about deep space starships. This is about us on Earth.
Only we can know. Only we can "report" where we have been.
Take this as a challenge.

David Christian Baird, Pittsburgh, August 23, 2011



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