New David Theory, Therapy


The gist of the therapy is “self talk” -- explicitly talking in your head.  But DT is more developed and complex than just that.

You just need the 20 + 10 concepts; explanations are extra.  The concepts are good to be contemplated through time;  they are tools.

The reason for repetition of D and T is to make the group memorable.  Other letters could have been used, with other groups of therapeutic concepts.  This is not the only or best possible group, but the one I’ve found in this real world.

By “memorable” I mean it is relatively easy to bring all 20 to mind, during a time of stress or not-so-stressful contemplation.  The following is the sequence I favor..


dialectical transformation… diametric therapy

descriptive treatment… developmental testing

dual technique… discourse topics

determinate translation… dynamic tolerance

dream telos… dysphoria transcendence

delay timing… dimensional transfer

disguised thought… different talking… discovery tales

decide today… deprivation torture

discipline of truth... defensive tension... doing time

decontextual threads... deconstructions tea..

logo-quotidian.. diurna-lingua... direct targeting

discernment tripping... dumb theatrics...

detecting texture... discontinuity transition... dialed text


Dialectical transformation.

Transformation by using language.  Do we want to transform?  If you’re in the market for a therapy, whether you know it or not, you want to change something about yourself, your mind, your life.  If you wanted to stay the same, you would not need therapy.  Trying to stay the same, you need no help. 

Why “dialectical”?  Language is a powerful human system.  Language is the way this therapy works.  Self talk, and other talk.  You talk to yourself in your head.  You read the texts.  Text is language.  I would imagine you’d talk to your therapist.  You talk to your support group, friends, family, strangers, chat rooms, translate apps.  Wherever language is happening.

Diametric therapy. 

A complete turn-around.  From suicidal and depressed to life-affirming and euphoric.  Is that possible?  To turn one-hundred-and-eighty degrees?  That’s what a therapy would aim at doing.  From looking at death, to looking at life.  Complete revolution.  If I wouldn’t have had therapy, I would not be here, looking at life from this angle.

Descriptive treatment. 

You have to express what’s going on with you.  “Anything on the way to expression is good” – Janov. 

Developmental testing. 

How do you know where you are?  Is there a way to test yourself?  “Life is an intelligence test” – Mike Smith. 

Dual technique. 

There is always an alternate way to do things.  If you don’t like one way.  Try the alt method.  In therapy, in life. 

Discourse topics. 

These are all straightforward things to talk about.  This is exoteric.  Scientific concepts to be publically discussed and debated.  No secret clinical manual, like for Janov’s Primal Therapy.  The DT manual isn’t dangerous.  The therapy isn’t dangerous if used by unskilled practitioners. 

Determinate translation. 

What does it all mean now?  Sure it meant that then.  But what does all that mean now?  How do you interpret the universe today here? 

Dynamic tolerance. 

Primal, cognitive and meta-cognitive levels, which you can choose between, allow you to tolerate a wide variety of subjective conditions.  Dynamically you should be able to tolerate almost anything.  Some people are tortured, hopefully only temporarily, but they survive and come out on the other end.  That might not happen to you, but the difficult passages might still be pretty difficult. 

Delay timing. 

We can always wait until it gets better.  The longer you wait, the better it gets.  Time heals all wounds.

Dimensional transfer. 

You are not a one dimensional self-point in your brain, you are an extended structure of self.  You can travel between points in your consciousness: transfer dimensions.  You are not stuck on the primal level, or cognitive level.  You can easily transfer between them, and outside to the metacognitive level, the big picture.  

Disguised thought.

It might not be obvious, what you’re thinking about.  Mind reading in the magical sense is not possible, so we have privacy, so far.

Different talking.

You can change the way you’re talking, thinking.  Maybe to think differently you have to talk differently. 

Discovery tales.

It is a day of discovery.  “You can’t write your own Wikipedia page;  but you can write your own destiny..!”

Decide today.

Always, today is the key day.  “People defer, defer, defer – and then they die..” – Mike Smith.

Deprivation torture.

If you deprive yourself of DT, it might feel like torture.

Discipline of Truth.

This is what we deal in, with DT and life in general.

Defensive tension.

The tension or feeling in your body/mind can defend against reality or can be helpful in accepting and integrating reality.

Doing time.

Drugs aren't the only things you can "do";  you can use ideas, and you can also use pure time, to alter your mind.