David Therapy: DT in Twenty Dimensions


Originally called Dialectical Diametric Transformation Therapy. I think it can be explained rather quickly. “Self-talk” or self-thought is the basis for all of this. Pronouncing your thinking “out loud” (silently) in your mind. Articulating your consciousness in a way of language. These DT's follow in their original order of discovery.


Dialectical Transformation. What is changing? (Using language).

Diametric Therapy. A therapy for this kind of condition has to be diametric. (Has to produce a 180 degree difference). Considering how serious the problems are – SI, SA, SP. (Suicidal Ideation, Substance Abuse, Selective Perception.)


Descriptive Treatment. What exactly is happening? To you, now?

Developmental Testing. Where are you at, developmentally? DT is the sure-fire way to “test” for this.


Determinate Translation. How could this be worded differently? Can you articulate what has passed in present, contemporary terms?

Dynamic Tolerance. Can you tolerate this? Can you tolerate your self?


Discourse Topics. Can you talk about this, in an interesting rhythm?

Dual Technique. How could this be done in an alternate way? There has to be one more technique that you're not already trying.


Dream Telos.  Our goal (telos) might be to ~dream.  However this is only a metaphor, and awakening is perhaps more important.

Dysphoria Transcendence.  We would like to feel good.


Delay Timing.  There might be a slight wait involved.

Dimensional Transfer.  You can use a DT or other idea to “hop a dimension” and transfer to another mental area.


Different Talking.  Maybe to think differently we have to ~talk differently.

Disguised Thought.  What are you ~really thinking?

Discovery Tales.  Now is a time of discovery.


Decide Today.  The greatest challenge is to be alive now.

Deprivation Torture.  Depriving yourself of DT may feel like torture.


Discipline of Truth.  This is what we are dealing in.

Defensive Tension.  You can choose to use your body's sensation defensively, or also simply be open to it.

Doing Time.  Drugs aren't the only things you can "do";  you can use ideas, and you can use time itself.